Geoff Peck and Bill Wilson met in Johannesburg over 30 years ago and, while their careers eventually took them to Europe and the USA respectively, they remained in contact and in their hearts never really left Southern Africa.

When the opportunity arose for them to form a business together the easiest decision they had to make was to decide what their benevolent cause would be – helping to conserve the rapidly dwindling wildlife in Southern Africa. There are a number of great organizations dedicated to protecting the wildlife and eliminating poaching in that amazing part of the world. We invite to explore some of these via the links below and escape (for a few minutes) the complex world of tax technology.

You could also enjoy a piece of your favorite fruit while exploring – just don’t get any juice on your keyboard!

Geoff Peck
Chief Taxologist

Executive Officer, Business Origination and Clarity
London, UK

Geoff_croppedAs a leading Tax Technology Consultant and Senior Project Manager, Geoff’s expertise is in the area of automated indirect tax solutions. Geoff has been successfully involved with Tax Automation solutions for 15+ years, which is the culmination of a 25+ year IT, ERP and business systems consulting career.  With a solid academic background plus experience of working in 7 different countries, Geoff came to Tax Automation as the principle architect in one of Europe’s most sophisticated VAT solutions before the advent of the third party global tax engines.  This major Silicon Valley enterprise then upgraded to include a globally implemented version of Sabrix (now Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE).  Geoff was influential in the team that validated and improved the VAT functionality in Sabrix.  He founded a consultancy that became Sabrix’s first global partner and the only multi-discipline boutique consultancy dedicated to Tax Automation.  The consultancy was acquired in January 2015.

Bill Wilson
Chief Potentials Officer

Business Development and Corporate Relations
Los Angeles, USA

As an accomplished Sales & Marketing professional, Bill’s expertise is in the area of business development and customer relationships. Bill has extensive experience gained with industry leading companies doing business in highly competitive markets around the world. With experience which spans 4 continents and industries such as Medical/Healthcare, Financial Services and Auto, Bill has played major roles putting systems and best practices in place that sustained growth and improved visibility and corporate image. He has held ultimate responsibility for planning, implementing and supporting cross-functional sales, marketing and customer retention programs that proved to be critical to exceeding ambitious performance goals. Bill has demonstrated a career long commitment to delivering top quality products and services backed by world class customer support. Prior to founding PawPaw Taxology Bill owned his own Financial services and Business Consulting companies.