2021: The Tax Transformation Manifesto

The digital storm is here. New values lead to a better response.

This is now getting serious. It’s more obvious than ever. As the impact of digitalization floods in from all sides, tax keeps coming up short. The current issue of CFO.com reports that Chaos Reigns in Corporate Tax Departments. It must surely be time to fully acknowledge that what is needed is meaningful change to a far greater extent than is typical today.

This is the exact topic covered by taxology and has been for the last six years. Like all good innovation, taxology evolves over time as we continue to uncover better ways of adapting to technology and digitally enabling the tax function. Now that includes simple, practical, yet basic steps to break the impasse, and it starts with a declaration of principles and policy.

The Taxology Manifesto

Through this work we have come to understand the value of:

Collaboration and workshops over presentations and project plans

Vision and user stories over requirements and IT

Data and data literacy over business process automation

Continuous innovation over corporate structure

That is, while there is value in the items on the right,
the items on the left are of far greater value in this space

Taxology also incorporates technical excellence, people, process, & technology, and more besides, but the manifesto specifically addresses the new ways of working that must underpin any such shift. We learned that instigating such change organically is too limited, and results are not forthcoming. Extra impetus is required for recalibration and a rethink.

So, check out Smart Tax Technology and join the ten new persons who have committed to the certification program in the last two weeks alone. Let us be of service to you as we are to them at this critical point in time for tax.

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