A New Addition to Smart Tax Technology


   Better Innovation with Tax Technology – The Fundamentals

The Smart Tax Technology Certification Program is again moving forward with a new bonus part for Part #3 Smart Innovation.

“Activity Flow for Success”

It introduces the PawPaw “Y”, an easy-to-grasp diagram that depicts the basic principles for improved technology adoption. It offers vital grounding for the forthcoming Part #3 as well as the entire program.

It is available now to existing members. For those yet to purchase, here again are the key benefits of Smart Tax Technology:

  1. How to streamline local and international tax processes
  2. How to meet the global tax digitalization challenge
  3. How to make technology & enterprise data work for you
  4. How to thrive in the information-age as a tax professional.

Discover the secrets of taxology now!

I learned a lot!
International Tax Director and Smart Tax Technology member

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