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  • Taxology Part 1: Why Agile Matters

    Part 1 of 5: Key Concepts in the Future of Tax  Cliché Busting: The Substance Behind the Sound Bites In one sense, taxology is about delivering tax technology with built-in digital future-proofing.  Xyto and its partners are all about realizing both for the price of one, such that…  Their combined value is far greater than the […]

  • Your 2023 Tax Transformation Break Out

    Happy Happy New Year! This year has extra meaning! From Insight to Full Digital Naturalization The goal was always clear. To the traditional approach to tax technology, which is ‘IT & automation’, we needed to add: Future-proofing – to protect you and your tax function from the further digitalization of tax Digital upskilling – so that technology […]

  • The New Rhythms of Tax

    Join us and Feel the Future Joining the tax industry used to have a measure of certainty about it. As a grand & noble institutionalized profession underpinned by tradition, formality and law, it generally provided a predictable, scripted future that simply had to be enacted by its agents to guarantee stability, status, and worth. Digitalization […]

  • The 'Why' Behind Tax Technology Training

    This Cyber Monday, the industry stalwart Smart Tax Technology certification program is on offer at an 80% discount to the normal price. This has prompted much interest, so we, the Xyto service group, decided to interview the author & coach, to help answer some of the questions you have … Hi Geoff, thanks for meeting us. What was your original […]

  • Tax Transformation Reaches Tipping Point

    And like climate change, there’s no going back The ticking clock is calling time on pre-digital thinking in tax The digitalization of tax has no equivalent to COP27 to hold us to account for what we already know to be both true and inevitable. But if it did, it would probably go something like this: […]