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  • Taxology - Back to Basics

    Why taxology is reaching an inflection point!   In preparation for new and evolving insights & materials to be introduced at the 14th Group Indirect Tax Exchange, Geoff Peck (above) is interviewed by specialist recruiters, Harvey John. In a two-part blog, they go back to basics and ask: What is a taxologist? Technician or something […]

  • Shackleton's Taxologists

    Crazy, mad, ridiculous; yet strangly compelling! Who would be a taxologist today? They have no job description, no proper role, indeterminant skills, are misunderstood and much maligned. Most in the industry don’t know who they are, whether they should get one, or what to do with one if they did. They are thought of as […]

  • 14th Group Indirect Tax Exchange

    We are sponsors and key presenters and invite you to attend. 20+ Speakers, 200+ attendees The first day free for in-house tax & finance. See for full agenda and speaker list. Our topic, as always, will aim to bring tax and technology together in harmony through understanding, awareness, and knowledge of the digital realm […]

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Tax Technology

    How to avoid them and beseech virtues instead! COVID-19 has been a watershed for technology and so it will prove to be for the digitalization of tax. Until now, the standard approach to IT in tax was tolerated despite being not good enough, cheap enough, or quick enough to deliver. That ended when tax was […]

  • Time To Be Free

    Gain certification today. It’s time. Last few weeks of Early Bird discount with Lifetime Membership Smart Tax Technology certification program Learn More Contact us to schedule a breakthrough call.