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  • Tax Independence Day - Freedom from the Tyranny of Technology

    Three sure-fire steps to turning invasive forces to your advantage In the biggest film of 1996, mankind was not expecting the aliens to arrive. Then one day, they just turned up and started wreaking havoc on the world. This bears some resemblance to what happened to tax when digital disruption arrived. In the movie, a […]

  • More Automation Does NOT Lead to Transformation

    (Ed. A career impacting concept I tackle in my FREE Masterclass – read on and find out how to join the masterclass and upgrade your knowledge today) That statement should reverberate strongly across the world’s corporate tax functions, but that’s rarely the case. Instead, there’s a tendency to tinker with technology, tackle pain points, and […]

  • VAT Update: 'The Internet Is Rotting' - And ERPs Have Followed Suit

    But only if we let it be that way. It’s our choice! This week, VAT Update took the words right out of my mouth with their “The Internet Is Rotting” intro (click here to see full article). In short, we both strongly agree that “out of the box” ERP systems do not pass muster for […]

  • Out with the Old & In with the New

    The surprising role that taxology plays in the conversation on hybrid work The recent TLG 15th Indirect Tax Exchange was a hybrid event, enabling me to interact with both online and in-person audiences. It was a highly successful experience and allowed many thinly stretched tax professionals to participate who otherwise may have missed out. We […]

  • It Costs Less Than Doing Nothing!

    The Hidden Costs of Most TaxTech Strategies We talk to a lot of people and there is a common theme to tax technology & digitalization concerns, and that is, “how do we get ahead of the game and stay on top of all the changes?” Viewing this landscape with a taxologists’ eye, we can see […]