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  • New Taxologists Making a Difference

    And they are headed for the mainstream. Join them! It is no secret that digitalization is confounding the tax & tax technology industry in a big way. Everyone is looking for answers, yet at the same time, more and more are finding a meaningful way forward. For example, Martin Pindak, who is approaching Week 5 […]

  • Open Season on Tax Data

    Taking aim at Tax Data Quality in Source Systems! The spring conference season was different this year, and not just because of Covid. An ever-present topic amongst tax professionals was how to deal with digital regulatory environments being introduced by the tax authorities. In response, it seems that every company is coming up with its […]

  • A Big Step Forward for Digital Readiness in Tax

    Congratulations, Giulia! – our latest certified taxologist! Giulia was a great student and made every effort to ensure she grasped the principles covered. She went the extra mile during certification and tackled all available questions. We asked Giulia a few questions about her experience with the program: As a VAT manager, I was struggling mainly […]

  • "You Made Tax Technology Interesting"

    “You made tax technology interesting”, a valued colleague told me as I was winding up an engagement with her team. This pleased me enormously because it meant she was starting to see a new way.   Now, if I had been there as a tax technologist, it is unlikely she would have made this comment, […]

  • Tax Needs Digital-Age Toolsets for Digital-Age Problems

    Taxtanic meets digitalization iceberg! Acknowledgement @Digital Journal The tide turned during the pandemic. Flood gates are buckling as it becomes clear that the need for action around technology & digitalization is now urgent and imperative. We see it happening across our contacts & network, and the big service providers, specialist industry recruiters, and vendors of […]