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  • What Is A Taxologist? Part I

    The definition of a Taxologist can vary, so let’s hone in on one that offers the most overall value to multi-national corporations. Their importance is matched only by the lack of clarity around who they are. As agents of change, language and technology work well together. Take smartphones for example. Adding a camera to a […]

  • 2018: A 'Technology in Tax' Inflection Point?

    The term “Tax Technology” doesn’t seem quite right anymore. It’s sounds too one-step-removed, like technology is “over there” and it can be dismissed as is someone else’s problem. Maybe calling it “Technology in Tax” is better, because 2018 stands to be the year when the business of “Tax” becomes indistinguishable from the technology that underpins […]

  • The First Training EVER For Taxologists (And Those Who Work With Them)

    Specific skills are vital for success with tax technology. But with few guidelines and no suitable training these skills were hard to put your finger on, until now. The ‘Smart’ Tax Technology Advanced Program is more than a course. It’s also a living support community and an instant-access resource. Recently we introduced the Tax Technology […]

  • The Tax Technology Insight Series: New, In Depth, A Milestone

    This has been needed for a while. Tax managers ask us, “If there’s so much information out there, why are there still so few answers?” In this series we open the ‘black box’ and explore technology for what really matters and why. Join us for a journey that until now was not possible. At recent […]

  • The Tax Data Analytics Conundrum

    What can Tax managers at MNCs expect from the latest offerings? Tax data analytics is arguably the hottest topic in global tax technology today.  A raft of new offerings have entered the marketplace accompanied by soaring rhetoric and grand promises.  The new products, leaning heavily on the principles of big data, suggest that Tax managers […]