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  • Cyber Monday Begins Now

    Save 80% on Smart Tax Technology Program We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Exclusive Cyber Monday Offer giving you an unmissable 80% off the most accessible, flexible and sought-after training – Xyto’s Smart Tax Technology Certification Program. This remains essential upskilling at a time when digitalization is changing the rules of the game. […]

  • Tax Engines For the Mass Market ... But what about the ROI?

    Getting value from tax engines for next tier companies  When global indirect tax determination (tax engines) first came out 20 years ago, they were the preserve of the very large. Only the biggest companies in the world had the scale & volume to realize a worthwhile ROI from these beasts, but that situation has now […]

  • At Last, A Book from SAP on Tax

    A new publication brings tax into the SAP mainstream in a good way!  SAP Press have finally released Tax with SAP S/4HANA – Configuration and Determination, which is about time. The core tax determination capabilities in SAP date from 1972 and have barely changed since. However in that time, the tax world has changed out […]

  • The Tax Transformation Challenge - This is NOT a Drill ... But first change the narrative and get 'buy in'

    Leadership that demands success before commitment will get neither… Transformation is, in part, a psychological journey with a series of emotional responses. According to Lindsay Herbert*, these are in order denial, fear, anger, delight, and ultimately attachment to new technology and ways of working. In the tax world currently, it’s safe to say that the denial phase is over. No […]

  • The Traditional vs Transformational View of the Impact of Technology on Tax ... and why it matters more than ever

    From 20th century data processing to 21st century digital empowerment People like to think of “transformation” in terms of digital transformation, or the introduction of technology into the way tax works today. This typically translates into the notion that automation leads to transformation, but this is incorrect. In fact, if taken too far, that thought […]