WU Tax Law Technology Course First Week

Preparing future tax professionals now!

A big thank you to all who helped the inaugural Tax Law Technology certification week go off without a hitch. Feedback was strong as topics such as tax transformation, AI (including ChatGPT), business process automation, and compliance management systems were covered in detail. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone in Vienna.

However, this is just the start for the WU – Xyto partnership. The combination of many years challenging current tax technology norms, plus the academic background and standing of a leading university, has the opportunity to fully train the next generation of digitally upskilled tax professionals.

As our WU partnership develops, we will be keeping you updated. In the meantime, the Xyto TaxTech & Transformation certification program is the best way to step into our digital future now. Start date of your choice, so find out more.

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Xyto at Launch of New WU TaxTech Course

Education in taxtech & transformation takes another big step into the mainstream!

Bringing together tax technology & tax transformation

Xyto is pleased to announce a new partnership with WU Tax Law Technology Center and our contribution to a new Tax Technology Certification Course. This is in addition to the WU Executive Academy LL.M Tax Law & Digitalization where we are already regular guest lecturers.

It is no secret that we passionately believe the route to next-level success with tax digitalization starts with education, so we are more than pleased to fully support WU in its energetic endeavors to make a much-needed difference here.

Note our flagship Smart Tax Technology program remains available and is the vital first step to transforming the in-house tax function. It is complementary to the WU course, which explores a wider range of topics relevant for the digitalization of tax.

So, join the trend, stop the guesswork & dabbling in taxtech, and register here for General Topics, 19-23 June 2023 in Vienna. It’s a new world out there!

Ahu Caglayan Joins Xyto Taxology

To head up Growth Strategy & Business Development

We are excited to welcome Ahu Caglayan as Head of Growth Strategy and Business Development at Xyto Taxology. With an impressive track record in building strong partnerships, leading tech projects, and creating customer value in the industry, we know Ahu will be a key forward driver of our corporate mission.

That mission, by the way, is to demystify tax digitalization, give the tax function visibility & control over tax technology, and reverse feelings of powerlessness amongst tax professionals in the face of today’s digital challenges.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Ahu by leaving a comment on our LinkedIn post.


Tax Technology in Denmark

Would you like Transformation with that?

Visions, Strategy & Reflection

It was my great pleasure last week to be in Copenhagen working with a group of senior tax & tax technology stakeholders from some of the largest companies in Denmark. They have been coming together informally for about five years to share and discuss their challenges in a safe environment (Ed. Are there other groups like this elsewhere? It would be interesting to know).

Besides being a wonderful group of people, they were highly receptive to the idea of taxology – that is, a high-level examination of the information fabric that makes up our newly digital lives in tax before going into “solutions mode”, as Charlotte Schellerup, senior tax technology & process manager at Falck, put it.

We talked about people, process, technology & ‘data’, and how focusing on technology alone leaves 75% of that equation behind with results to match in terms of realizing value. This led to a conversation on the main purpose of automation – not to replace manual processes but to support “good” data in a well-understood tax data model, and that a transformed state only exists once that has occurred.

Contributing Xyto philosophy to this established group produced some great feedback. “Inspiring”, said Camilla Haas, project manager at Bestseller; and “Excellent angles on a complex topic”, said Jesper Kastrup, group tax lead and self-confessed tax technology enthusiast at Vestas.

Interestingly, they have yet to name their group. If they had, it would probably have been called “Tax Technology” club or similar. Now, hopefully it will contain “Tax Technology & Transformation”, thereby also giving a nod to the upcycled thinking and capabilities that matter in tax’s digital future.

Contact us to learn more about transformation, and why tax technology does not measure up in the modern age without it.

Xyto Takes Part in WU Tax Digitalization Program

Building on last year’s positives

Elevating Digital-Era Education in Tax

For the second year running, Geoff Peck, our founder & chief taxologist, contributed at the innovative LL.M. Digitalization & Tax Law program run by the Executive Academy at the University of Vienna (WU), now in its third year. This program addresses the critical need for digital acumen & skills in today’s tax profession.

Based on our own Smart Tax Technology certification program, itself now in its sixth year, plus the downstream experience of our many graduates, we were able to bring unique practical perspectives to proceedings, particularly around transforming the tax function.

Xyto will be participating again as the WU 2022/3 academic year draws to a close in June along with our partners.

From the Students:

I really liked the presentation and that you have shared with us your experience … 
thank you very much for your time and I really appreciate.”

Thank you very much for your interesting presentation today.”

Thank you for the great lecture, it was very inspiring!”

It was a pleasure attending your lectures.”

For more information on tax technology, digitalization & transformation training options with Xyto, WU, and our partners at TPA Global e-bright, please contact us for a short, insightful conversation. It’s a must for those in the 21st century tax industry