The Eleven Roses of Tax Digitalization

But where’s the twelfth rose?

We love working with people who are passionate about tax, which also means passion for the digitalization journey that is now our destiny as 21st century tax professionals. So, in celebration of that, here are eleven roses, each representing a key aspect of that journey:

Rose #1: Digital awareness
Recognition that the digital world is different.

Rose #2: Inspired leadership
Senior stakeholders willing to break with the past.

Rose #3: A transformation vision
Setting the direction of travel.

Rose #4: A digital tax strategy
The details of next steps on that journey.

Rose #5: Learning paths of substance
Meaningful upskilling and knowledge consolidation.

Rose #6: Continuous innovation
Focus on the quality of the journey and less on the destination.

Rose #7: ‘Good’ data at source
The motherload for tax functions of the future.

Rose #8: Digital enablement
Beyond awareness to specific digital capabilities.

Rose #9: Future-proofing the tax function
Taking new technology in its stride ad infinitum.

Rose #10: A single source of truth
A tax data platform and metainformation on all aspects.

Rose #11: People, process, & technology
Reshaping each so they work together as an agile unit.

But where’s the twelfth rose? Something is missing. It just doesn’t feel right.

The twelfth rose is you, the taxologist, without which none of the above is possible.

So, complete the picture and join the Smart Tax Technology certification program.

Rose #12: You
A foundational taxologist with the know-how to orchestrate the above.

Prepare yourself now to be in a new and much better place with taxtech by next Valentine’s Day.



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