The Tax Technology Insight Series: New, In Depth, A Milestone

This has been needed for a while. Tax managers ask us, “If there’s so much information out there, why are there still so few answers?” In this series we open the ‘black box’ and explore technology for what really matters and why. Join us for a journey that until now was not possible.

At recent conferences, we were taken aback at the level of perplexity surrounding tax technology. Companies struggle daily. Tax managers know that better options exist, but fear the next steps. Instead, they address only the most urgent issues as they arise in a patchwork fashion.

Unfortunately, this short term thinking means opportunities are likely missed, making it costly in the long run. In addition, ‘Big Bang‘ is an obsolete strategy that has been all but purged from the industry. So, what’s next?

Introducing the Tax Technology Insight Series

We dug deeper and found gaps in the information available to tax function stakeholders. Without the right thought processes, too much was being left to chance during strategic planning, product selection, and implementation. Attempts to limit this hidden risk were then inadvertently damaging the outcome. Uncertainty, rather than certainty, was driving decision making.

The Tax Technology Insight Series is designed to plug those gaps and lay solid foundations for sure-footedness going forward. It provides a basis for low-risk, low-cost, high-quality options by examining in depth the intersection between Tax and tax technology. Analysis is targeted, astute, and practical. For example:

Tax engines are critical but otherwise don’t do much. Most the effort and the real value  comes from management of tax data and the automation piece in ERP“.

Who Is It For?

This is for persons who suspect that there are better ways to do what they’re doing today. It’s for those who have suffered disappointing results and want to understand why. It’s for the ambitious who want to know how to improve their delivery. In fact, it will benefit almost anyone associated with tax technology at large corporations.

Joining is Painless and Free of Charge

The benefits start immediately. Download a FREE report today:

How to REALLY Understand Tax Technology

This report examines how ERP data impacts your choice of tax technology tools, the best ways to deploy them, and how to avoid major architectural pitfalls.

How Else Do I Benefit?

It starts you on a journey. With tax technology, all stakeholders must have a good view of the destination and the skills needed to navigate the roads, even if they ask someone else to do the actual driving. For example, it will help you to;

  • explain and communicate internally the importance of a good tax technology solution;
  • architect an effective solution, and avoid the ineffective ones;
  • remove risk from every stage of the process; and
  • improve compliance including future-proofing, and build a foundation for effective analytics.

Contributors to this series have 40+ years of success (mostly), experience and deep understanding to share. Along the way, we’ve identified mindsets and uncovered secrets that lead to real success in today’s technological world of Tax. Click here to join us today!

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