It Costs Less Than Doing Nothing!

The Hidden Costs of Most TaxTech Strategies

We talk to a lot of people and there is a common theme to tax technology & digitalization concerns, and that is, “how do we get ahead of the game and stay on top of all the changes?”

Viewing this landscape with a taxologists’ eye, we can see people address symptoms & short-term immediate needs only with scant consensus on how to get to the root causes and plan for the long-term. Without this visibility, they are at the mercy of the next crisis, which they cannot see coming.

This is far more costly than people imagine, and will escalate as the people, process, technology patchwork they cobble together gets more convoluted and difficult to control over time.

Yet, the biggest cost is with tax professionals themselves, who lose ground in their ability to serve their companies to the expected extent as tax shifts to exist primarily in the digital realm. The knock-on effects in terms of frustration, lost morale, and semi-delivered value is huge, in which case …

The smartest way forward is to find a course of action that costs less than doing nothing!

Join me in unpacking this as I dissect the problems and underlying issues resulting in the all too familiar multi-challenged tax function. And most importantly, I reveal the required approach and course of action needed to stop this seemingly intractable problem in its tracks and start on the road to “nirvana”.

Use the link below for your exclusive access to my full presentation watched only by paying attendees of the conference but made free just for you …

The (almost) Painless Way to Transform the Tax Function – The Road to Digital Stewardship

In the end, it’s about future-proofing, figuring out data as an asset, and a journey that truly builds ‘digital’ into the tax function’s DNA. Only then can we talk about “transformation” in a meaningful way.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and the Steps to Nirvana (all is revealed in the recording)!

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