More Automation Does NOT Lead to Transformation

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That statement should reverberate strongly across the world’s corporate tax functions, but that’s rarely the case.

Instead, there’s a tendency to tinker with technology, tackle pain points, and address symptoms, while missing altogether the root causes that led to the issues in the first place, thereby inviting more of them in future.

For a while this was ok – the tax world could get by like this – but that’s no longer true.

With tax authorities building up sophisticated digital profiles on their taxpayers, it has become too costly, too piecemeal, too blunt, and frankly not good enough for a profession as proud as tax and facing technological onslaught from all sides …

… so, time for an upgrade!

Improvement, Not Wholesale Change

Just to be clear, automation plans need not be abandoned – this is not necessary and doesn’t make sense – even though most current strategies leave plenty of room for improvement.

But no matter how good the strategy, or how much you automate, it will never deliver the new digitalization normal that tax needs …

… because automating what you do today simply does not account for how things will work tomorrow. That requires a recalibrated approach to people, process & technology, and a rethink around ‘data‘ that only transformed ideas can offer.

(Ed: This doesn’t stop every initiative we see having “transformation” in its title, even though most have little or none in it, at least by any definition a trained taxologist would know.)

What’s needed is true transformation, which brings the visibility, control & future-proofing required to get on the front foot in tax’s new digital domain. Not choosing this path will leave you inevitably at the mercy of the next unpredictable issue that pops up with nowhere left to go – there’s no career path in that!

The New & Powerful Way Forward

It has taken many years to develop & verify, but there is now a low cost, low risk, low impact route to achieving “outside o’ the box” outcomes that go beyond normal horizons. To paraphrase Prof. Fred Brooks:

“They are invisible and unvisualizable until you actually see them working.”  

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