My Seminar at the University of Vienna

Guest Lecturing to Next Gen Tax Professionals at the Executive Academy

If anyone still doubts the importance of personal development in tax transformation, then doubt no more. The pressure to shift mindsets and start putting ‘people’ above ‘technology’ has now gone mainstream …

Vienna University Of Business & Economics (WU) is about to award 15 or more students an LL.M. (Masters) in Tax & Digitalization.

It was my pleasure to be invited – along with belt system partners Steef Huibregtse & Jasper Verkamman of TPA Global – to present and run workshops as a valued part of the curriculum.

The key themes were the fundamental principles of conventional+ vs transformational approaches to tax digital adoption, people, process & technology, and of course ‘data‘, focusing and reinforcing the cruciality of creating the robust knowledge foundations that lead to successful transformation.

The feedback we received was uplifting:

“Hi Geoff, thanks again for the valuable input. I really enjoyed the lectures.”

“Dear Geoff, I absolutely appreciated your remarks on the topic. It was a different approach you showed us. Thanks! “

“Dear Geoff,  thank you very much for the very interesting 2 days – it changed quite some perspectives that I had on this topic! “

“Hi Geoff, thank you for the interesting lecture. It was a great final module for our study program.”

“Hi Geoff, thank you for your valuable knowledge that you shared with us. It was my privilege and I do admire your work … you achieved to open my eyes.”

Clearly, the powerful teachings had a major impact on the students  – students who’ve taken time out from their busy tax careers to focus on and invest in their personal development. 

I want you to benefit the same way – and now you can! With your invitation to experience the exact same inspiring insights as the masters students by taking the small first step of registering for my upcoming Masterclass…

If you’ve not yet signed up to my one hour Masterclass where I will explain and example your critical pathway to The 3 Steps to Tax Transformation Nirvana then hurry as there are still a limited number of FREE tickets remaining (Usually $179).

This highly thought-provoking & time-efficient masterclass packed with ground-breaking material will run on Tuesday 19th July 2022 @ 11:30 BST / 12.30 CEST



Got A Question About My Seminar? If you have any burning questions about my seminar then please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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