PawPaw Becomes Xyto

More than a name change …

Seven years ago today we founded PawPaw Taxology with an ambitious brief – find out why technology is so challenging, then make it (a lot) less challenging for tax.

It was a major voyage of discovery for us, with ups, downs, and some blind alleys, but ultimately it was you that showed us the way. Your sharing, engagement, and contribution provided the platform needed for progress, for which we are very grateful.

We wanted to dig deeper, so here’s what that platform now looks like:

Seven Lessons We Learned From You in Seven Years

Learning #1: There is a digital divide, and it matters
For most, the other side is hidden from view, and conventional IT cannot always help

Learning #2: Transformation is real, and it’s really transformative
And when done correctly, it’s not disruptive, but instead is welcomed by everyone

Learning #3: Everything we need for the journey is already there
No need to reinvent the digitalization wheel; tax just needs to figure out how to use it

Learning #4: Success with technology still means working hard every day
But not quite as hard as those who are not successful with technology

Learning #5: Digitalization is the greatest opportunity of our tax lifetimes
But through the power of data, not “tough to endure” automation projects

Learning #6: Old school values still matter
The dedication of experienced tax professionals is vital, if everyone loosens up a bit

Learning #7: It starts and finishes with people
Without the right people thinking the right way, nothing else works.

Next Steps

With those lessons now under our belt, it was time to evolve

Xyto brings an enriched approach with the launch of innovative, dynamic services creating an even more robust, rounded partnership placing you and your future directly at its core.

Ready to get the most from Xyto?

We’ve been very careful to maintain the keen Insights and support we’ve become known and praised for, while elevating you to take full control as you navigate your personal digital transformation journey. This offers a route to future-proofing yourself and your company.

If you haven’t yet explored in depth the tax digitalization challenge with us, Smart Learning Solutionsis your on-demand, time-efficient, and improved place to start.


If you’ve already made the vital step of engaging with our learning, you’re ready to take the lead role in a transformed space as partners with our  ‘Smart Value Partnering‘ services.


Note that for now, PawPaw and Xyto will run side by side for a few weeks while we transition, but feel free to update your contacts already. Stay tuned for more soon!

Thanks again for being part of our community,

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