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Smart Tax Technology
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For Tax Directors, Tax Administrators, Tax Technologists and Tax Professionals of all kinds.

What does the Program do?

This program offers a solid grounding in the basic principles and practical implications of taxology, the study of digital and enterprise technologies in tax. It helps tax professionals at all levels achieve sure-footed technology adoption, navigate tax transformation and better respond to digital disruption.

It unravels the mysteries of 'technology in tax' with clear, non-technical explanations and stories. Areas covered include (but are not limited to):

  •  Taxes: US sales & use, VAT/GST, corporate income taxes, flat & green taxes.
  •  Special Cases: VAT in the EU, Canadian multi-level, BRIC, and local requirements in general.
  •  Digitalization: SAF-T, Spanish SII, UK MTD and more, with future-proofing for the yet-to-come.
  •  Legal Landscape: US tax reform, BEPS/CbCR, EU levies.
  •  Trends: Enterprise tax data, (near)real-time reporting, RPA & AI, and e-Information of all kinds.
  •  Solutions: Tax engines & tools, ERP tax, innovation, analytics, organizational & operating models.

As well as key concepts, it makes valuable techniques, user-ready templates and coherent best practices immediately available for use.

Best of all, it eliminates the lack of clarity and legacy concerns so often associated with technology in the world of tax today.

How does it Work?

There are five self-study units (or parts) that make up the core of the Program:

  • Part #1: Smart Tax Codes - the possibilities and pitfalls of enterprise tax data using Tax Codes as a prime example;
  • Part #2: Smart Automation - the heartbeat of tax solutions and how it can support the entire enterprise, not just tax;
  • Part #3: Smart Innovation - realistic steps towards business mastery over tax digitalization with less risk and lower cost;
  • Part #4: Smart Projects - how to get excellent execution and quality within your current organizational environment; and,
  • Part #5: Smart Accounting - representing the data-driven tax function in financial terms, and measuring transformation.

As a guideline, each part contains material equivalent to a one-day classroom course. So, choose your own pace for self-study.

In addition, each part comes with:

  1. one or more FREE bonus documents, containing either background material or specific industry examples; and,
  2. a one hour 1-to-1 with the author to discuss topics and underpin certification.

Final certification involves a simple test and a sixth 1-to-1 session (should you prefer an easier start, scroll down for an alternative).

We recommend you take full advantage of this unique opportunity and aim for certification within three months.

What are the Benefits?

You will quickly gain a strong foothold in a new body of knowledge vital for tax in the digital age. You will discover the experiences of over 200 'technology in tax' projects & initiatives at companies and advisories of all sizes, including some of the largest names in the world.

You will learn to devise meaningful strategies, eliminate guesswork and avoid the costly cycle of trial 'n' error. Those who dabbled before are aware this is less than straightforward. Therefore, you will now benefit from:

  • A Better Approach- understand the critical factors and learn how to re-calibrate technology initiatives for success;
  • The Power of Data- still a mystery to most; know how enterprise data must work to truly embrace the information age; and,
  • New Capabilities- practical ways to fuse people, process and technology into a cohesive unit for the modern tax function.

Suitable for advisors, managers and practitioners, this is the best way to get to grips with the new era for tax. Or, go the whole way and become a full-time taxologist. They are in high demand in a world where tax and technology are increasingly indistinguishable.

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