Becoming a certified smart tax technology graduate, provides us with the enlightenment we and our fellow tax professionals need, to know what our future in tax technology looks like. 

Beyond this enlightenment comes empowerment, where we begin to apply our all new digitally enabled capabilities with confidence and influence

PawPaw Taxologies Smart Value Partnering Services (SVPs) are designed to fully support you through this part of your journey, helping you retain complete visibility of your tax tech projects and stay in control while you successfully demonstrate how your vision  of tax technology can become a future-proofed reality for the business or projects you're working on.

Personal Continuity Commitment

Freshly certified you're now in possession of the knowledge to take control of the digital storm, but how exactly should you go about applying what you've learned to your current projects?

This partnership allows you to consolidate your learning and apply your knowledge at the same time as building a value proposition to the business or projects you're working on all fully supported by expert Taxologist Geoff Peck.

Included In Our Partnership

Coaching & Mentoring
Minimum 10 Hours Of Individual Coaching & Mentoring Over Three Months Plus Additional Meetings As And When You Need.

Advanced Learning
All The Experience & Intellectual Knowledge You Need To Achieve Your Goal.

Meetings Your Way
Personalized Agenda & Flexible Timings Inside Or Outside Working Hours.

Recordings & Transcriptions
Private Link To Meeting Recordings & Transcriptions For Your Own Intellectual Property.

Personal Messaging
Unlimited Email / Instant Messaging With Expert Taxologist.


As digital disruption continues to peak in financial services, most of us find ourselves working in a climate of major strategic change.

Our Business Innovation Co-Partnering service provides you with a robust of set of resources, on which you can call upon to help get even the most complex tax infrastructure projects over the line.  

Co-Partnering Services Can Include

Specific Meta Information
By working in partnership, we'll be able to identify and recommend the specific meta information which best suits your needs as well as supplying it to you in a way which works seamlessly for your project.

Vendor Selection
Utilise our extensive knowledge of tax technology vendors and take away the headache of having to work through the process of vendor comparison.

Problem Resolution
Don't let your project get stuck when it hits a problem, allow us to breakdown and analyse your problem and draw on over 20 years industry experience to ensure you find the right solution.

Running Workshops
Often problems stem from knowing what you want to achieve but not knowing how to communicate your ideas in a plan which everyone understands. Allowing discussions to be led by an expert can help solve problems in real time.

Participation In Projects
A fresh pair of expert eyes to your complex transformation project will often expose the weak-points which have been hidden by your proximity to the project. Getting an expert to dip in and out of projects can make all the difference and prevent projects from stagnating.

Start Realising Your Digital Vision For Tax Today!

Why Are These Services Exclusive To Graduates?

SVPs are a specialist set of partnership based services to work in unison with graduate ensuring they achieve predetermined outcomes and become confident, established leaders in their new space. Working in partnership requires you to speak the same language as we do, the smart tax technology certification program has been carefully crafted to get you fluent in this new way of thinking and speaking about tax tech. 


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