Knowing you have the right approach offers peace of mind and better results. By the same token, starting with missing or ill-conceived ideas invites trouble. An effective strategy based on taxology brings:

  • Vision − a holistic, executive-level view of the landscape, its challenges and opportunities
  • Engagement − appropriate commitment and expectation setting at all stakeholder levels
  • Trackability − better criteria for measuring progress and (ultimately) return on investment
  • Savings − clear and encapsulated objectives, reducing costs and ring-fencing technology risk.

To escape the current merry-go-round, reset and break through to the next level, ask an expert taxologist. An enlightened strategy pays dividends (we believe) to the tune of double the benefit for half the cost. Click below to learn more.




Implementation quality is critical and inescapable, but also the least discussed topic in tax technology.
Taxology provides key distinctions for adding extra value, and a well-orchestrated roll-out will far exceed today's accepted norms for realization of business benefits. We are:

  • Seamless − we merge with your internal organization, processes and approach to technology
  • Comprehensive − an end-to-end, holistic approach to projects including governance.

We bring:

  • Excellence − superior technical ability underpins taxology. It's in our DNA and we can prove it
  • Value − unique methodologies and best practices minimize misdirected effort and cost.

We offer traditional SI (systems integration) and project management services augmented with innovative tax data and meta-information (documentation) management. Click below to understand how these and other vital elements improve the quality of your solution delivery.




Recognizing the need for new ideas and enhanced skills is the first step to better tax technology. Pivotal to that is a grounding in taxology. From our unique training program you will gain:

  • Visibility − knowledge of the concepts and principles that underpin successful strategies
  • Relatability − stories, context and insights from over 200 real-world tax initiatives
  • Capability − key competencies, templates and critical techniques for the digital world
  • Methodology − tools and best practices; we explain exactly the how and why of each.

The Smart Tax Technology Certification Program is for tax professionals, managers and tax technologists. Independent of any one ERP or tax application, it builds a foundation for improved use of all technologies, including new ones. Start now and click below.



The digital world has fostered an information explosion, yet seeing the full picture remains as important as ever. To cope, a new approach is needed. A focused advice and coaching program offers:

  • Insights − from a world-leading taxologist and the entire Tax Technology Insights product suite               
  • Learning − powerful, on-the-job training to discuss and assimilate key aspects as they happen
  • Materials − industry intelligence, proven templates, presentation slides, methods and designs
  • Targeting − relevant information, available as and when needed only, helping manage cost.

The best of traditional and "gig"-style services help you embrace the new world. On-the-job counsel is simply the best way to bed down Smart Tax Technology. Click below and learn how this can work for you.