Shackleton’s Taxologists

Crazy, mad, ridiculous; yet strangly compelling!

Who would be a taxologist today? They have no job description, no proper role, indeterminant skills, are misunderstood and much maligned. Most in the industry don’t know who they are, whether they should get one, or what to do with one if they did.

They are thought of as “IT for tax”, but that is contrary to the nature of the digital transformation pervading the tax world and vastly understates their worth. This creates a frozen, foreign wasteland in which they must operate, not unlike the Antarctica that Ernest Shackleton faced in 1914.

And yet they are the future, and brave souls are needed to break the ice. Plus it is a rare opportunity for adventure, pioneering, and trail-blazing. The potential rewards include the passion and deep satisfaction of taking on a challenge, conquering it, and standing out from the crowd.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to sail a wooden ship into an unknown Antarctic ice-pack to do this. Forewarned is forearmed, and even the less adventurous (or foolhardy), can take gentler steps and seek understanding first. Those that have, found it highly motivating, forward thinking, and fun.

At some point, in a future that is inevitably digitally-driven, it may also help them avoid surviving their misadventures by escaping across the Southern Ocean in a proverbial row boat. Today, Shackleton and his crew are largely remembered for leadership and team, so make a difference and join us.

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