Smart Tax Technology on a Roll!

Coming thick ‘n’ fast! Another new release.

Tax is moving into a new phase. The usual strategy for technology no longer delivers. Companies must look beyond simply selecting the next product to install or service to buy for new ideas. There’s a strong sense that something is missing, which makes taxology more important than ever.

So, what’s missing? Certainly, the “people” part of people, process and technology is grossly under-served. Without the right understanding and thought processes, all tax technology strategies lack foundation and are destined to deeply disappoint.

The Smart Tax Technology Certification Program uniquely addresses this problem, and today we are pleased to announce our latest release:

Four Ways to Implement a Tax Engine

Most people don’t know there’s more than one way, and yet how you implement a tax engine can make the difference between confidently stepping full-bore into the digital-era or being a huge waste of time and money. This non-technical document first explains why, and then provides a basis for vast improvement in clear, business-focused terms.

It’s a must for all stakeholders in indirect tax and their service providers at large organizations.

Act Now! One week left before Smart Tax Technology’s price increases to $1,200 (currently $900 for lifetime membership). For tax professionals, there is no greater value to be had in the industry right now. It cannot last!

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