Smart TaxTech Graduation Day – A Q&A With Brand New Taxologists!

Get to know the graduates… you may have more in common than you think!

It’s been busy so far this year at Xyto HQ but there’s always time to welcome new students. We talk to three of our newest Smart Tax Technology Certification graduates, each of which successfully attained the level of foundational taxologist.

Here’s the feedback on their groundbreaking experience…

How did you feel before working with me?

“[I felt] like a fish outside the water especially because my experience as a tax professional was not in line with my tech experience.”

“A feeling that I am no longer in control as everyone has an opinion, but no one really wants to take the lead or develop a true vision for the future.

“In general, I did not exactly get to experience the challenges that some of [Geoff’s] other participants may have faced, it was more of a pro-active learning experience for me.

Why we started working together…

“It was mostly my need to find someone that could understand what I was looking for.”

“What Geoff says makes sense to me. [I’m] (very) happy to have met someone who is willing to think out of the box, speaks my language and can frame next steps.”

“I had learnt about Geoff from some of his posts on LinkedIn, which prompted me to know more. I generally came to the program with an open slate.”

What have been the most valuable outcomes…

“I think the biggest one is that digital transformation does not mean automation. This [Automation] is often repeated out there, it is false and makes people like me think we are stupid or crazy. Well nope, we aren’t.”

“[Geoff was] able to show me the underlying issues that are out there and [how they] can be solved. A fresh view on “the real world of tax”, not just selling all sort of services (without any vision) that do not makes sense to me.”

Understanding of the role played in the ‘people process technology’ concept. It really helps in making complex stuff break down into workable blocks.”

These graduates are well on their way to being 21st century, digitally native tax professionals.

Would you like to talk to one?

Many of our prospective students like to talk to a graduate with a similar background first when considering our training…

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