A Big Step Forward for Digital Readiness in Tax

Congratulations, Giulia! – our latest certified taxologist!

Giulia was a great student and made every effort to ensure she grasped the principles covered. She went the extra mile during certification and tackled all available questions.

We asked Giulia a few questions about her experience with the program:

As a VAT manager, I was struggling mainly with two aspects:

1) interacting with IT and trying to find a common “language”  to solve issues and/or make improvements to the system, as I was convinced that they should be responsible for the technology and have all the answers; and 2) managing/supporting technology-related projects (e.g. system improvements; new tax engine implementation) as most of them would end up not meeting expectations. As a result, I felt frustrated and powerless most of the time.

“What made you want to work with us?

I came across the course because I was interested in learning more about tax technology and, more precisely, about how to make technology implementations successful and your course seemed to offer exactly what I was looking for. I heard positive reviews about the course and yourself and I decided to enroll.

“When you first came to us, what were your biggest hopes and desires?

My biggest hope was to get a better understanding of tax technologies; to acquire the right methodology/mindset to successfully deal with implementations; and to learn how to communicate with different departments to ensure tax requirements would be fully understood.

“And what have been the most valuable outcomes from our work together?

You have provided me first of all with a vision. And not only did you provide the answers I was seeking, I got much more than I expected besides.

 Although this is only the beginning of the journey and there are still so many new things I have and want to learn, I feel that I now have the right mindset and tools thanks to what I learned from the course material and our one-to-one sessions. You have provided me with valuable insights and recommendations and helped me become more open minded. I had to challenge my acquired knowledge a lot, unlearn and re-learn, and although I am conscious that the journey is still long, you put me on the right path.

“Thank you, Giulia. It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working with you further as your journey unfolds.”

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