Technology & Your Career: The Trojan Horse

Today’s tax job descriptions are disguising today’s tech reality

Maybe you’re looking for a new job or just checking to see what’s out there in tax. You see something interesting and look over the job description. In short, it reads something like:

International Tax Manager

Good salary and benefits

Responsibilities include:

managing the group’s tax position

– strategies for optimizing cash flow and anticipating future obligations

– managing audits in all locations

– dealing with internal queries assisted by external advisors

– working with finance and shared services to ensure compliance

And then there it is, usually last in the list, something like:

– interacting with IT department, participating in the implementation of new and
upgraded ERP solutions to ensure tax compliant rollouts.


The problem is that as technology engulfs the management of tax, that is the job, or at least the lion’s share of it.

The wording downplays technology, but it’s there, hiding in plain sight, like a trojan horse, and it’s getting harder and harder to do the job without it.

Your future performance may well depend on how you handle that part of the job. Those without a touch ‘n’ feel for tech are already feeling ill at ease, and it gets worse every year.

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