Tax Independence Day – Freedom from the Tyranny of Technology

Three sure-fire steps to turning invasive forces to your advantage

In the biggest film of 1996, mankind was not expecting the aliens to arrive. Then one day, they just turned up and started wreaking havoc on the world. This bears some resemblance to what happened to tax when digital disruption arrived.

In the movie, a ragtag group of scientists, survivors, combat pilots and the US president save the day by destroying the alien ships with a computer virus (which, in the great tradition of Hollywood poetic license, somehow gained explosive powers) …

Unfortunately for tax, this is not an option, and there is precious little poetic license or other magical solutions available. Tax needs to achieve its Independence Day a different way, one which does not involve defeating or blowing up the enemy.

Nor does it involve any of these – deflection, delay, denial, lip-service, or group self-deception. Fear & frustration aren’t much good either, and (a little more controversially) neither are these – fixed deliverables, user requirements, traditional “IT”, defined projects, old-world trusted advisors, and processes before data

The problem with these is they either address symptoms only and not root causes, play to the pre-digital gallery, or contain little or no innovation. A better way needed to be found, so that is when our own version of a ragtag bunch set out nearly a decade ago searching for one …

… and like so often in Hollywood, after a perilous & eventful journey, the answer was right there under our noses all along.

There are whole industries devoted to transformation, Agile, wiki-style knowledge management, and ‘data’ & data sciences, but they may as well be aliens from outer space if we don’t know how to harness them, break the existing barriers that hobble them, and let them in.

That’s where the second part of our journey comes in, culminating in the switch from PawPaw to Xyto Taxology …

In our 3 Steps to Nirvana we have a low cost, low risk, low impact way to break the shackles of trial ‘n’ error and unlock visibility, control, ‘data’ & future-proofing in the realm of tax technology, digitalization, and transformation through well-established, tried & trusted avenues (no magic involved) …

… and we plan to reveal all in one jam-packed, breathless, mind-busting masterclass FREE OF CHARGE FOR THE FIRST 50 REGISTRANTS (Normal Price $179) on Tuesday 19th July 2022 @ 11:30 BST/ 12.30 CEST for 1 hour …

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In a final plot twist, the alien enemy turns out to be your best friend and the greatest ally you will ever have in your career. Independence from the tyranny of technology is not about technology at all, but about people and what they see as tyranny. The technology is just the technology, and you must let it start recreating who you are as a tax professional because its here to stay and not going away any time soon

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