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It was my great pleasure last week to be in Copenhagen working with a group of senior tax & tax technology stakeholders from some of the largest companies in Denmark. They have been coming together informally for about five years to share and discuss their challenges in a safe environment (Ed. Are there other groups like this elsewhere? It would be interesting to know).

Besides being a wonderful group of people, they were highly receptive to the idea of taxology – that is, a high-level examination of the information fabric that makes up our newly digital lives in tax before going into “solutions mode”, as Charlotte Schellerup, senior tax technology & process manager at Falck, put it.

We talked about people, process, technology & ‘data’, and how focusing on technology alone leaves 75% of that equation behind with results to match in terms of realizing value. This led to a conversation on the main purpose of automation – not to replace manual processes but to support “good” data in a well-understood tax data model, and that a transformed state only exists once that has occurred.

Contributing Xyto philosophy to this established group produced some great feedback. “Inspiring”, said Camilla Haas, project manager at Bestseller; and “Excellent angles on a complex topic”, said Jesper Kastrup, group tax lead and self-confessed tax technology enthusiast at Vestas.

Interestingly, they have yet to name their group. If they had, it would probably have been called “Tax Technology” club or similar. Now, hopefully it will contain “Tax Technology & Transformation”, thereby also giving a nod to the upcycled thinking and capabilities that matter in tax’s digital future.

Contact us to learn more about transformation, and why tax technology does not measure up in the modern age without it.

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