Taxology – Back to Basics

Why taxology is reaching an inflection point!


In preparation for new and evolving insights & materials to be introduced at the 14th Group Indirect Tax Exchange, Geoff Peck (above) is interviewed by specialist recruiters, Harvey John.

In a two-part blog, they go back to basics and ask:

What is a taxologist? Technician or something different?, and

What does the future hold for the tax industry?
They also ask, “Does technology mean automation (Hint: No, it does not!)?”

If you have not already signed up for the virtual conference, click here. First day free for in-house corporate professionals, which includes (and if you enjoy our unique perspectives on the digitalization of tax then you will enjoy this):

10:45am CST 17 May – Let’s Cut to the Chase: A Sensible Approach to Tax in the Digital Era and What That Looks Like

  • Why TaxTech is not good enough, cheap enough, or quick enough to implement
  • The TaxTech Adoption Lifecycle – A telling story told 1000 times
  • Home-truth Foundations for a Digital Shift – Changing the way it goes
  • Walking the Walk – “Yes, we’ve been there, done that!”

Geoff Peck, Founder & Chief Taxologist, PawPaw Taxology, and Lide Mendibil, International VAT Manager, Ritchie Bros.

“See” you at the conference!

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