Taxology Gets Personal. New Services Launched

Tax professionals are becoming aware of two things: their dependency on digital systems, and that they must know more about this area themselves. Handing this responsibility to others has proved largely unrewarding.

Increasingly embedded as business partners within companies, the tax team is assuming more responsibility and ownership over systems, projects and processes as they relate to tax, but there are concerns.

For a group of people used to high standards and consistent results, the current merry-go-round of trial & error and faltering baby steps with technology is risky, expensive and turbulent. Is this avoidable?

Yes, it is. Taxology is the missing piece of the puzzle, but what is it?

Taxology is knowledge, a skill-set and basic principles that underpin a rethink and recalibration around technology. What’s new this time (and this is key) is that its starting point is today’s professionals in today’s organizations.

Out of necessity, the full-stack tax department of today needs broader vision and competencies than previously. To learn new ways to speed up and improve this journey, click here now.

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