The New Rhythms of Tax

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Joining the tax industry used to have a measure of certainty about it. As a grand & noble institutionalized profession underpinned by tradition, formality and law, it generally provided a predictable, scripted future that simply had to be enacted by its agents to guarantee stability, status, and worth. Digitalization has rocked those previously stable foundations to the core.

Today, there is a new rhythm to life as an in-house tax professional, one that is open-ended & technology-driven. The instant swipe to pre-composed answers has given way to new realities yet to be explored. This means Hobbit-esque journeys of discovery and re-invention as prime actors in a rapidly digitalizing landscape.

Xyto Taxology is unique in how it illuminates that path and re-establishes meaningful direction in this new arena. Our Smart Tax Technology certification program leads the way, and therefore, we are proud to celebrate five more recent graduates. Here’s what they had to say:

“I am so happy and pleased for being a graduate of the Smart Tax Technology certification program by Xyto.

I can now more than ever call myself a half ‘Tax Technologist’ and a half ‘Taxologist’ due to my work at my company and this certification. However, being a taxologist is both wonderfully eye-opening and nerve-wracking at the same time…

Great thanks to my teacher, Geoff Peck, who also have been a very good sparring partner. Also a big thanks to my company for supporting this certification.

I look forward to contribute to the Tax Technology, Tax Transformation and Data driven journey.”


“Seeing that Geoff Peck delivered a lecture at Vienna University about tax technology reminds me of the great days I had in Vienna studying international taxation. It is also good timing to announce my graduation from the Smart Tax Technology program.

It really helped me put my thoughts on the subject in order, evaluate business decisions taken in my company, understand the pitfalls in applying software solutions to VAT compliance, why it is important to do it properly and what that ‘properly’ actually means. Thank you Geoff!

And here’s a few more…

“Many thanks to my coach Geoff Peck for sharing your vision, the interesting 1-2-1 discussions and the provided and highly valuable ‘smart’ material. People are still important in the triangle people/processes/technology.”

“Another achievement unlocked: taxology! Thank you Geoff Peck for this valuable course, it was a great pleasure to work with you!”

“Thank you Geoff Peck for an incredibly enlightening and insightful action packed learning journey. Looking forward to applying my newly acquired taxology skills to aim toward true digital transformation!”

Feel the future of tax. Join our graduates and give yourself a plan B…

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