Learning Opportunities

Can you answer the following questions?

How does digitalization change the rules of the game in tax?

What role does automation play in transformation?

Why is 'data' rarely the "trusted" strategic asset it should be?
(The short video below on this page provides one answer)

The knowledge you need for effective digital enablement!


Normal Price €3,000

Just €1,000

(Per professional excluding VAT)

"Hands-on" user experience (UX)
of the latest tax software
and its role in the digital realm.

The agile way to learn!

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For Tax Directors, Tax Administrators, Tax Technologists and Tax Professionals of all kinds.

How Does the Learning Work?

Tax faces a more digital future and industry professionals must be aligned. PawPaw Taxology and TPA Global & e-Bright have teamed up to offer the best learning materials available. Our principles:

Principle #1: Tax professionals need digital awareness, not IT skills
Strategy: Learn how technology works without becoming a technician

Principle #2: The starting point is today's professionals in today's organizations
Strategy: Solve immediate problems as well as develop a sound vision for the future

Principle #3: Knowledge acquisition is a team sport
Strategy: Build a network of trusted sources and collaborators independent of commercial concerns

Principle #4: The journey is a continuous one with profound consequences
Strategy: Avoid big bang but prepare for assumptions to be challenged, and over time gaining a transformed mindset.

"We don't just offer tax technology training services, we are co-partners on your digital journey."
-- Geoff Peck & Steef Huibregtse

Our journey is continous as well, so for free information and updates click here to join our mailing list.

What Are The Options?

We currently offer:

  • The Smart Tax Technology certification program including 6 hours of 1-to-1 sessions with opportunities to answer your questions and discuss your challenges;
  • The Smart Tax Technology program without certification at a discount (scroll to the bottom of the Program tab);
  • The TPA Global UX Tax Day - the clever new way to get familiar with technology through "hands on" learning and play, and why it makes sense under the digital lens;
  • Training & Assessment - the certification program, learning sessions & open discussions, but includes an outline of a digitalization strategy deliverable upon completion.

Please contact us regarding Training & Assessment and options tailored towards your full customer digital tax experience.

What are the Benefits?

The PawPaw Taxology / TPA Global & e-Bright approach is different. We believe the best way to help you with technology is to first explain the new way of thinking necessitated by the digital journey. That way you avoid the costly trial 'n' error typical of early adopters (who then still fail to learn the lessons), and we get to show you the knowledge nuggets needed for better outcomes.

Perhaps we can even solve the single biggest issue faced by tax functions who must digitalize:

How can we justify investments in technology by conventional means when many of the benefits lie in a digitally transformed space?

This is a communication, understanding, and vision exercise. The smart way forward starts with knowledge. The 'data' video below offers a sample!

Gain a trusted partner in transforming tax. Contact us!