On-Site Learning

Smart Tax Technology - Principles and Practices

One-Day Training Symposium with Real-world Examples

Knowledge Transfer!

Normal Price $4,500

Just $3,000

(plus VAT and travel for the trainer on-site at your company)

For up to 10 persons.

For Tax Directors, Tax Administrators, Tax Technologists and Tax Professionals of all kinds.

How Does On-Site Learning Work?

The day is split as follows:

Morning Session: Training

We cover critical aspects of the tax technology journey:

  1. Landscape - lifting the hood on digitalization and its effect on tax authorities and their taxpayers, including the tax technology adoption life cycle;
  2. Methodology - practical steps to gain greater control and make a difference, including the Four Levels of Tax Automation and Activity Flow for Success (as presented to TEI Tax Executives Institute); and,
  3. Principles - the concepts required for next-level results:
    1. information-age thinking - why a few ideas need to pivot before reaching full digital-enablement;
    2. people, process and technology - how to orchestrate resources effectively for today's environments;
    3. enterprise tax data - the elusive life-blood of a tax function & a potential gold mine to exploit;
    4. future-proofing - a big must in a world where the only constant is change; and,
    5. the inside track on agile, transformation, simplification and more while under cost & resource pressure.

Afternoon Session: Symposium

Switching from training to workshop mode, we explore in-depth your particular circumstances. If all goes well - and we make sure it does - you end the day with the outline of a new, workable action plan.

What Do We Get?

Each attendee walks away with:

Are there other delivery options?

As well as the one-day option, we offer a five day option that covers the entire Smart Tax Technology program. It's a must for tax technologists as well as today's tax professionals, plus there is extra time to get to grips with your specific concerns. Contact us for more information or other formats like remote delivery or a three day option.

What are the Benefits?

Face-to-face is the most effective way to elevate your digital-age confidence fast. You will quickly gain insight into how enterprise software and other technologies work in tax, and learn how to break current impasses, side-step uncertainty and know if the next big thing will really help you.

Tax persons acting as subject matter experts for ERP or finance transformation initiatives will no longer have to leave so much on the table as the rest of the organization grapples with digital-era tax on your behalf.

Your organization will get a plan and you will acquire competencies that are already mandatory for empowered modern-era tax professionals. As always, the smart way forward starts with knowledge.


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