VAT Update: ‘The Internet Is Rotting’ – And ERPs Have Followed Suit

But only if we let it be that way. It’s our choice!

This week, VAT Update took the words right out of my mouth with their “The Internet Is Rotting” intro (click here to see full article).

In short, we both strongly agree that “out of the box” ERP systems do not pass muster for VAT (or other taxes for that matter) and it falls to you, the everyday tax professional, to do something about it …

… but how you do that is where Xyto stands alone!

After years of research and road trials, I’ve developed a powerful yet straightforward formula for action so you can make headway in exactly that space. My simple 3 Steps to Nirvana are:

  1. Insight – enhanced thinking & know-how re tax technology, digitalization & transformation
  2. Inspire – socializing, influencing, and enrolling others into accepting change for the better
  3. Impact – a careful choreography of people, process & technology into a new way of being

The highly desirable outcome is a future-proofed tax function that has visibility, capability & control over the digital realm, which is where tax mostly now “lives”. Our commitment to you is that this result is more than a promise, it’s a guarantee! Remember …

The smartest way forward is to find a course of action that costs less than doing nothing!

Get started now, book a FREE 20 minute call and let me talk you through this tried & trusted route to Nirvana.

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