WU Tax Law Technology Course First Week

Preparing future tax professionals now!

A big thank you to all who helped the inaugural Tax Law Technology certification week go off without a hitch. Feedback was strong as topics such as tax transformation, AI (including ChatGPT), business process automation, and compliance management systems were covered in detail. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone in Vienna.

However, this is just the start for the WU – Xyto partnership. The combination of many years challenging current tax technology norms, plus the academic background and standing of a leading university, has the opportunity to fully train the next generation of digitally upskilled tax professionals.

As our WU partnership develops, we will be keeping you updated. In the meantime, the Xyto TaxTech & Transformation certification program is the best way to step into our digital future now. Start date of your choice, so find out more.

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