Xyto Contributes in Africa – Our social side in action

Expanding our contribution beyond wildlife

For those that asked, we were always happy to tell people our previous company name – PawPaw Taxology – was a derivation of “Peck and Wilson Protecting African Wildlife”, and that sentiment remains even as we rebranded to Xyto Taxology.

Time off at Xyto is a relative term…

We are indeed in Africa, both enjoying and catching up on the 20,500ha of pristine Botswana wilderness that we part own. In addition, we’re learning more about the challenges of preserving the beauty of the bush for generations to come.

However, the importance of that task pales in comparison to the immediate needs of the local communities. So, five members of the extended Xyto team visited a local school at Moletemane in eastern Botswana and invited several school children to join us on a game drive.

The reserve is already a major contributor to the school and an employer of many of the children’s parents, but most of the students had never before seen an elephant or a giraffe in the wild. The day was a huge success.

So, not only are we enjoying our summer (as we said at the end of our last article, Innovation in Tax  Needs Leaders, Not Managers), but we’re also nurturing the ‘who we are’ of Xyto – of which our work in the bush is a contribution and passion which extends well beyond tax.

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