Xyto Takes Part in WU Tax Digitalization Program

Building on last year’s positives

Elevating Digital-Era Education in Tax

For the second year running, Geoff Peck, our founder & chief taxologist, contributed at the innovative LL.M. Digitalization & Tax Law program run by the Executive Academy at the University of Vienna (WU), now in its third year. This program addresses the critical need for digital acumen & skills in today’s tax profession.

Based on our own Smart Tax Technology certification program, itself now in its sixth year, plus the downstream experience of our many graduates, we were able to bring unique practical perspectives to proceedings, particularly around transforming the tax function.

Xyto will be participating again as the WU 2022/3 academic year draws to a close in June along with our partners.

From the Students:

I really liked the presentation and that you have shared with us your experience … 
thank you very much for your time and I really appreciate.”

Thank you very much for your interesting presentation today.”

Thank you for the great lecture, it was very inspiring!”

It was a pleasure attending your lectures.”

For more information on tax technology, digitalization & transformation training options with Xyto, WU, and our partners at TPA Global e-bright, please contact us for a short, insightful conversation. It’s a must for those in the 21st century tax industry

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