“You Made Tax Technology Interesting”

“You made tax technology interesting”, a valued colleague told me as I was winding up an engagement with her team. This pleased me enormously because it meant she was starting to see a new way.
Now, if I had been there as a tax technologist, it is unlikely she would have made this comment, but I was there as a taxologist, and that is something quite different (in truth, at times I operated in both capacities).
Just installing software and configuring systems is not very interesting, but bringing them to life as central to the digital-enablement of a tax function, now that is really worth sitting up and taking notice of.
Another way to look at it is that without taxology, tax technology is missing something – it lacks heart and substance, or tangibility. It has no soul, which makes it impossible to have a “connection” with it, or a touch ‘n’ feel for how it works. This leaves your relationship with it as strange, remote, and troublesome.
Only alongside the ideas & skills of taxology can tax technology truly take its place in a redefinition of people, process, & technology, and ‘data’, where the people “get” the technology. Most people instinctively feel this is where they need to be, but few know how to get there.
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