Your 2023 Tax Transformation Break Out

Happy Happy New Year! This year has extra meaning!

From Insight to Full Digital Naturalization

The goal was always clear. To the traditional approach to tax technology, which is ‘IT & automation’, we needed to add:

  1. Future-proofing – to protect you and your tax function from the further digitalization of tax
  2. Digital upskilling – so that technology complements modern tax professionals, not replaces them
  3. Skills succession – sharing & normalizing new digital knowledge and avoiding key person risk
  4. Data as an asset – from ‘plumbing’ to ‘meaning’, and a platform to elevate the role of tax, and
  5. Get tax data right first time at source! – the correct response to tax authority digitalization.

To anyone that follows our blog, these are not new. Yet, despite huge advantages being self-evident, readers fail to see how to realize them for themselves amid challenging circumstances & turgid corporate cultures. That changes in 2023.

It’s a big step forward, and to be able to say that, we owe a lot to the excellent work done in 2022. Here is what was achieved:

  1. Beyond training – our popular Smart TaxTech program now occurs in the context of full end-to-end digitalization journeys
  2. An ROI model – so that we can present to pragmatic stakeholders who then see the value of this in a way that makes sense to them
  3. A working knowledge base – a wiki-style single source of truth for all your learnings and to benefit from the learnings of others
  4. Referenceable examples of how this worked in the real world
  5. rebrand as Xyto to reflect our shift from taxology pioneers to a mature mainstream offering in transitioning lock, stock ‘n’ barrel to digitalized tax.

In fact, our secret is that there is no substitute for engaging with the technology and seeing it through digital eyes. Anything else is guesswork or a short cut so inherently inefficient that we can normally do this at no additional cost to projects.

But, what we do need is ramp up time. We are happy to show you how this works and why it leads to 100-200% more value from your investments in technology. Just ask one of our customers:

“I valued the Xyto approach at several €100k or 5x cost, but that was before, when even as a graduate I understood only 5% of it. Now, seeing it in action for ten months, I am so glad we did it this way.”

If we don’t embrace these new powers, the tax profession is left behind as the industry becomes more digital. This leads to unhappiness in the profession and affords you no option other than relying on more lackluster ‘IT & automation’.

However, with these new tools in hand, and the wherewithal to deploy them, this year we can very confidently say Happy New Year & have a Breakthrough 2023!

Recommended Action 

If you wish to get clued up now, even before our updated social presence is ready, contact us now for a no obligations chat. Waiting until a project is already underway will unfortunately restrict the progress you can make.

Until next time…

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